Mission Critical

There are certain projects that must be completed in order to keep states, counties, cities, and communities operational. If a malfunction would affect public security and safety, then that project is deemed mission critical. You wouldn’t want to call 911 and not be able to get through. That’s mission critical.

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AIMRIGHT has the experience working on highly confidential, mission critical projects for public and private clients, general contractors, construction managers, and designers. We couple our responsiveness with cost and schedule predictability, so our clients can count on us to deliver. We work closely with the project team to make sure the work is performed within the specified schedule and under strenuous safety precautions. The organization should have minimal impact when we are performing our work. Coming in with a mindset to evaluate anything and everything that could possibly go wrong and work to mitigate any risks for our clients is what we do. We realize schedule and safety are of utmost importance to our clients. These types of projects include data centers, call centers, energy control systems, telecommunications, and special operations.

mission critical