As your design and construction partner, AIMRIGHT understands being a leader in the industrial market really means getting involved in the development of a project early in the process. We like to get involved early and offer development consulting services focusing on finding solutions to site challenges that may exist. Providing multiple solutions on projects allows the team to make the best decision for the project. Preparation and attention to detail are instrumental in complex industrial projects. We have extensive experience working on confidential projects under non-disclosure agreements.

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A thorough subsurface exploration results in a more cost-effective foundation design, reduce construction delays caused by unforeseen conditions, and help prepare you for potential geohazards. All projects are supported by internal quality assurance and safety plans that give you the subsurface and site information necessary for a successful project.
With a growing number of fully equipped labs, a modern drilling fleet, and qualified professional senior engineers and laboratory technicians with years of local experience, AIMRIGHT is committed to being relational with a purpose. We deliver value-added services, solutions and engineering to support our partners by helping them achieve their business objectives by successfully completing projects.